Jeff Kaller---need info a.s.a.p

Hello all, I need info. as soon as possible, please. How do any of you feel about him and his courses. I’m concerened because I have read MUCH bad things about him ad I am trying to find out if it is all true. Please help.
Thank you!!

I’ve run across some reviews of his course although I do not have any first hand knowledge. I was considering buying his home study course but this is what I found recently.

I talked with one his salesman today, he was saying that we would team up in my area, their loss mitigators would neg. the deal and we would buy for .40 cents on the dollar. It sounds to good to be true, but does sound good. I too would love someone who has some experience on this to weigh in.

Jeff has two, one with Ron Legrand and the other by himself. The one with Ron is ok, but nothing special. Now, the course he gives by himself is better, but…

The first half of the course was excellent. I enjoyed listening to it and was very informative. The second half became sales pitch. The second half also concentrate on luxury homes and specializing in them.

Overall, the course is ok but will not answer all your questions or leaves you with as clear of an action plan as most tend to require from courses now a days.

Get it off of ebay, much cheaper.