Jeff Adams??

I had a chance to listen in on the webinar last Wednesday with forclosure guru Jeff Adams. He is obviously a seasoned investor, but my question is if anyone here on the board is using or has used his website system that he is selling? It has many great features, tools, and support systems in place and I just want to make sure it is everything that he makes it out to be.

I live in California where the foreclosure market is ripe for the picking and I’m looking for the right tool to maximize my efforts. Has anyone on this board had any experience doing a transaction with Jeff or dealing with him for business? This was my first time hearing of Jeff Adams so I wanted to ask those on this board for your feedback.

Thanks in advance!

This thread has been read 53 times and no one has anthing to say about Jeff Adams? That’s not a very good sign…

All I know is that he sells leads at a high price.