James Smith

Has anyone heard of him, or been to his training? I saw him yesterday, and he was an amazing speaker-his 3 day training was 3k, or 6k if you want personal coaching.

Any comments would be appreciated.


He should be a great speaker for $3,000.


For $3000 he should be more than a great speaker. He should be phenomenal or even magical.

10 bucks says he is a crook, and 20 dollars says you are too for posting this

I saw him speak at a Trump (Jr.) wealth building seminar and he was definitely compelling. Very unusual but effective speaking style. By the time he is done talking, you feel like you would be stupid not to hire him for coaching/mentoring.

I came home and Googled his name and company and the feedback about him was about 90% negative. And I think he charges a whole lot more than $3-6K for mentoring - maybe triple that amount.

here is some good info on him

when i went to the expo in NYC, i went to a few of the speaking seminars twice, just to see them speak - everything was exactly the same. those guys pump it out - but you’ve got to hand it to many of them - they nail’em! 10k for coaching…NO PROBLEM.

it’s like watching lambs to the slaughter.

but to each his own. i’m sure they provide some kind of valuable service for their students. i mean, if you come to understand the ins and outs of real estate and hit the ground running - well then the seminar would probably save you 20k in mistakes.

please note i’m not advocating either way…just pointing out some opinions.