James Smith

Hi everyone.

I completed the 3-day National Real Estate Investors course. Its head honcho is Mr. Smith. I am now signed up with a mentor. I have learned a lot but made no deals after 1.5 months. I work hard on this every day looking for opportinities and making phone calls, etc.

Anybody else care to comment and does anyone have knowledge of this course or Mr. Smith?


Hello Richard,
My name is Toi. I went to “The Millionaires Conference” on Sat Feb 19, in Beverly Hills, where James Smith was speaking on Real Estate. Unfortunately, he was the last speaker of the day and took the most time (over 1 1/2hrs). I was unable to stay to get further information about what type of classes he offered and the costs. Since you’ve attended the class, how was it? How much? and do you have any contact info for Mr. Smith? Im interested in finding out more information about him. Thank you. Hope to hear from you.


My name is Ken. I also went to the Millionaire Conference in Beverly Hills. I have the order form for the James Smith class. My only concern is I can’t find any information on him. Do you know anything about his background?


Hello Kserra,
I’ve been having a difficult time locating information on James Smith through the internet. So I called the Million.Conf customer service number. I was given 800-276-1430, ext 1212 (Darren). I was then directed to a website of: www.nationalrealestateinvestors.com. There is a 3 day class for $3k w/hotline and 3day class for $5k with hotline & coach. I’m not sure what that means yet, but with any new thing to me, I always do more research. I will keep searching and if I find something substantial, I will post it. Take care… :slight_smile:

Ok guys, I am a noobie myself and I too am guilty of buying over priced infromation to make me rich. Once and when I was 18 and looking to get rich quick.

Since that time off and on I would buy books at the local bookstore or look through ALL the wonderful forums and websites that are FREE like this one to learn more.

DO NOT PAY for basic knowledge on REI. Once you have learned terminology and the general ways investors in the REAL world make money, THEN look to spend $30 - $3,000 for information giving you detailed, step-by-step guidance on how to complete various deals.

As for these big seminars that are FREE… Some are reputable investors, alot are not. One way to tell is just as you guys have done. Try to find out info on someone. If you can’t find any information on the WORLD WIDE web then the person is NOT reputable.

For instance, I do Mobile Home deals… Lonnie Scruggs is the man for that type of investing. Go to ANY search engine and type his name, ‘Lonnie Scruggs’.

I also bought a course here at REIClub.com by a gentleman in my area named, ‘Scott Rister’.

Do a searchon ANY of the authors of courses or books here at REIClub. com and you will get tons of links regarding that person.

PLEASE don’t waste your hard earned money and also ruin your aspirations to become real estate investors.

Went to a ‘Get Motivated’ on Wednesday in Phoenix and signed up for the $99 special by James Smith with an invitation to a workshop in a couple of weeks. I have been told that there they will convince you to go to the $2999 dollar special. No Thanks.
On Thursday I overheard someone next to me talking about another company that sounds more interesting.
I suppose there is even more out there. Any way James Smith is a very successful entrepreneur from Phoenix who with his son, Bryan, has reportedly accumulated over $300 million in real estate.
Bryan is also a computer wiz who has written a software program for real estate investors to help track their investments and help in analyzing new finds. The software goes for mere $2495.
There is money to be made in the information business.
It is hard to do real estate investing casually. It can be gratifying and also very expensive if you do not know what you are doing.
I have found a company that seemingly eliminates a lot of the risk.
Good Luck Peter

Just out of curiousity folks now that you have spent that money, if you find a deal or have questions about taxes on the property, creating corporations, etc, who can you call to get some questions answered? ???

Would it make sense to be able to meet with a coach who is a REI or meet with a coach who is a Tax attorney, or a coach who repairs credit for those problem buyers? :slight_smile:

I just spent the entire day at “The Millionaires’ Conference” here in South Texas. There were 7 speakers and James Smith was the last speaker of the day. He was by far the smoothest motivator of the group. The conference was free and was geared toward selling investment tools to audience members who had already accumulated some degree of wealth. Five of the speakers were selling investment products that if you actually purchased at the “specially priced” amounts ONLY available THAT DAY at conference, you would have spent more than $18,000 !!! :o In my humble opinion, which is FREE of course, that same money could be invested in a super real estate deal. A guy there today was selling a Tax Lien Certificate investing program for $3000 that I purchased just one month ago at a different conference for only $900. Was it worth it to me at that price? You bet! But why the discrepancy in price? Anyway, the knowledge I get from these conferences is invaluable but you have to really be cautious about forking over so much dough, often for information you can get much cheaper from professionals in your area or by doing your own online research! James Smith is a superb salesman and wants $3000 to attend his 3-day follow-up seminar and an additional $2000 if you want to join his mentoring program. You be the judge…

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
I attended The Millionaire Conference in Houston Texas today. I believe that James Smith is a legitimate investor/trainer.

I purchased the asset protection system about 2 1/2 years ago. It’s exactly what they claim that it is and much much much more. NO kidding. I have saved at least $15,000 in legal fees alone, from setting up my financial structure with their material. Tax savings, benefits, perks and advantages; I’m not going to even try to tell you about them.

The presenters of the legal system have been around a long time and James Smith has been working with them for a long time as well. I can’t believe they would jeopardize their reputation by allowing scam artists to work in their network. They have been building their seminars for years. I went when the attendance was only 100 to 150 people at small hotel rooms.

James; I believe is legitimate. Many times the price they charge weed out the less serious. There’s always a learning curve, with any new thing that you undertake to do. It’s not magic. So, if a person gets involved and doesn’t make money in 3 months, is no surprise to me.

I’ve been self employeed for over 9 years. I have been involved in many opportunities. I have succeeded at being profitable. You cannot jump the learning curve. It doesn’t matter what the program is and how well it’s presented to you. If you check your personal job or profession; I’m sure you make it look easy to anyone not familiar with what you’re doing. It’s the same in other professions. It looks easy from their position, and it is. Because they have mastered it. I believe you can master it too; if you can stick with it past the learning curve period and consistantly do what they are teaching you to do. Don’t you think for a second, that these guys have not had pitfalls and bad situations.

I have 3 sons. Each has worked with me in my business. Each one has mastered the work at different rates and different skills levels. Why? Several factors. Interest, ability to follow instructions, ability to work as a team, ability to focus, additude, endurance and so on. Out of my 3 sones, only one has master the business enough for me to trust leading things in his hands. And he was not the first one to start working with me either. You would probably think so, Huh. One, I must be present to get the best out of him. He started working with me first. Must consistantly reinforce how I want things did, etc. The other is a great worker, consistant self starter, don’t have to watch, don’t have to be around, as long as he has tasks to do, he won’t stop until complete; however, he has not gained the skills to be productive without a team environment. All 3 of my sons have the same opportunity. Each has a different level of developed expertise.

Accept it or not. We all have similar experiences with opportunities that we become involved in.

Internet presense never means legitimacy. There are many very good scam artists online and you can find a lot of information about them. Some of them are so good you cannot detect them. Sometimes only, real experts can point out the scams they are running. Once, pointed out you can see what they are doing. I have already experienced this.

Many businesses in the open market have been uncovered as frauding the public. How many times have you seen fraud exposed in the news and didn’t realize that company was a fraud. Enron fooled everyone.

Lack of confidence in something does not make it a fraud, anymore than confidence in something makes it legitimate. The facts and truth in the end, verifies what anything is.

One last word. We should ask ourselves one of many questions. 1) Do we have the passion to accomplish what we set out to do? Or are we looking for a genie in the bottle with a majic opportunity and majic circumstances to make us wealthy. If this is the way we think; then I’m afraid the cheater is not the trainers. It’s us; cheating ourselves and literally lying to ourselves. Over riding our inter real gut feeling and knowledge level about what we really want to do.

One of the greatest things we can do is to be real honest with ourselves. Then we will be able to discern what we can handle and we’ll be honest with our ability to learn and we’ll be honest with our perception of what’s presented to us and so on.

If you take 2 guys, just coming out of high school.

One has a background of helpping his father as a mechanic. Tearing down lawn mower motors at age 10 and rebuilding auto engines at age 16 and the designing and building drag racers by age 19. Makes A in all levels of math.

The other just went to school. Very popular. A lady’s type guy. Party guy. Just hangs out with the crowds. Didn’t have much contact with any mechanical applications. Makes B’s and C’s in math related courses.

Now, they both want to be mechanical engineers. They enroll in college for this degree. Which one do you think will struggle and which one will probably go through with minimal struggle. Both can make it. But, the second guy is going to have to dig in and really work hard to get up to speed with the first guy. Because he has NO foundation knowledge.

You don’t have to be an expert to know this. I have lived long enough to see this happen several times.

Our background does have something to do with how we relate and master tasks that we undertake. That’s why honesty with one’s self, will help us to make the necessary adjustments to accomplish in spite of our lack of present knowledge and experience.

Most of the time, what we lack is the sharp edge that generally gets built through more experience.

When we’re green; it shows. No matter what we think. And the people we try to work with, can see it.

So, don’t give up. Just don’t give up. And don’t blame anyone. It’s just another poisin that will sabatoge what you’re trying to do.

Good Success to everyone.


Do you know where I can find more info on Mr. Smith? The guy was smooth and very knowledgable. I attended the conference today and like all the different topics. I need to do a bit more research though. Any suggestions?


I just attended the Millionaire Conference today in Houston. I am also looking for more info on James Smith and found this forum on google. He opened up with jokes and that got the crowds attention. Then after awhile thats all he did, It was like he was a comedian up there. I was like okay enough with the jokes give us the info because I have been there since 8am. He threw in teaser concepts here in there but would go back to his jokes. He only got serious again when people started leaving every 30 mins.
While I was going down on the escalator, I over heard a gentleman behind me saying the same thing I was thinking. He stated similar to the effect of " This guy spoked too long like he had nothing else to do today, he dont care because he’s already rich. We took the time off today so we can be like him. What he said for an hour and a half could have been said in 45 mins." I totally agree with the man. So please if anyone has done his 3 day course tell us how he is. I have a great sense of humor as the next person but I dont think I can hear non-sense jokes all day.

I to attended the houston conference. Mr. Smith said he was from Texas, he also said that if we took his course we would be taught how to buy real estate here. I did not sign up, 3000 is a little high for me right now, I would have gone for 1500 or maybe 2000. I have been told it is cheaper to pay for the knowledge then to make the mistakes. I also think it is important to get a local mentor that you can connect with.

He probably owns houses in a lot of cities so he does not have to stay in hotels.

I see that several people attended the Millionaire conference last
weekend. I thought it was great. I was a bit frustrated with James
Smith, because although he was quite entertaining, he actually spent
minimal time actually providing any good real estate ideas.

At the very end, though he did say how his son, with no cash or
credit put deals together. This what he said “I create a second
with the intent on defaulting in order to take over the first.”
Now, I’ve been thinking about this ever since. Does anyone know how
he might make this work. If he gives the sellers money and creates
a promissory note (a second) and they default, then part of the
agreement is that he takes over the note? That still requires
money. Does anyone know how he uses that scenario? It sound like a
creative idea, so I’d like to know when and how to use that idea. I
am hoping some investors reading this will have an answer. Thanks!

I went to the Millionaires conference in torrance on Feb 10 2005- bought the asset protection but was interested in James smith I too am looking for info- he was a great salesman- I’m looking for the no money & no credit way to do real estate- something about lease options but i’m not sure- any one know please help thanks

I also attended the millionaire’s conference yesterday in Bethesda, MD and James Smith was the last speaker and also the best speaker. He was funny and had everyone laughing, but did not give much info on real estate investing. He just wants us to sign up for the 3k class. I am most interested in his class and am also looking for information about James Smith and for references, others who have taken the course and there thought. I just started digging today and will let you guys know if I find any thing.

I went to the conference in Washington DC on 3/5 and I DID buy the training and the mentor program that James Rich was selling for $6k. If anyone has any knowledge that this is not legit or worth while for a beginner, please let me know. I still have 3 days left to return it!


I also attended the conference in D.C. on Saturday, March 5, but did not buy the package and now I regret not buying it. Do you have any contact on your paperwork that I can call and register? I believe it was at the Marriott in College Park MD on March 31, Apr. 1 and 2nd. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you


Hi the number is 1-800-276-1430 to the millionaire confrenence-let me know how it turns out i’m also interested but that was alot of $$ to lay out, good luck

does any one know what days the houston class is? and where it is?
thank you!

PS… i belive that james smith is a very smart man and can help any off you with real estate but ONLY if you belive that you your self can do real estate ;D