Jail for the Climate-gate Criminals?


Apparently, I’m not the only one that thinks these environmental wackos belong in jail for attempting to perpetrate the biggest scam in history!

Since the Climategate Files were released, the IPCC has been forced to retract a number of specific conclusions — such as a prediction that Himalayan glaciers would disappear by 2035 — and has been forced to confirm that the report was based in large part on reports from environmental activist groups instead of peer-reviewed scientific literature. Dr. Murari Lal, an editor of the IPCC AR4 report, admitted to the London Daily Mail that he had known the 2035 date was false, but was included in the report anyway “[b]purely to put political pressure on world leaders[/b].”

Global warning has been, and still is, used for a lot of fund raising. I’d say that is taking money by fraud.

But a lot of charities are outright lying and nobody goes to jail over it.

Yes like March of Dimes. My wife went into labor when my son was only 5 months gestation. We kept him till term but it costed us $50k. That was $50k when $50k was $50k. I didn’t get one dime marched to my door. I can’t figure out how they are supposed to “prevent premature birth” but they sure hit me up for my $100 donation every year.