J Scott Scheel Commerical Real Estate Course SELL OR KEEP IT


Everyone I have here is my issue. I had scotts Colossal Cash In Commercial Property Home Study System for over a year now and still havn’t cracked a booklet or put a in dvd yet. Its a $1500 course but time or “motivation” has not allowed me use it yet. Have any of you guys used his course ? I am marketer not a real estate dude, and just don’t see my self getting into commercial game anytime soon. I feel i should sell it to someone dirt cheap for someone who put it to use.

What are your thoughts ?

Should i keep and crack it open put to use, or Sell it to someone would really use it.

If you’re not going to get into commercial real estate, then I would sell it.


If you are a marketer, does it really matter what it is that you are marketing. Marketing is the biggest problem for real estate dudes. If you still don’t want to get in on the ground floor of the biggest real estate opportunity in a lifetime then sell or give it to your local REIA Club for its library.

RedHawk I agree Marketing is in any business. Me is just my time limited, and I kind of stay in my own lane. I think if I am going to go in RE investment I think it will personal property, because i have personal Mentor in philly that could show me ropes that does really well in the industry.

I know it a Great Course though. I Would like to sell it because I feel when people buy something they feel more Drive to put something into action. I am going sell it for $288, Which way below whats it worth but enough to make most people feel that atleast have to through the information. This is not time where people just waste money. If wondering why 88 because 8 is my lucky number.

I read a great post on here from guy in atl who got private lender and updated on his progress and really thought wow this forums are great.

Take care everyone