I've Spent Half my Money on Wine Women & Song and the other Half I've wasted. WC

I’m always looking for the next new shiny object that will improve my leads and amount of deals. If I only had all the money I’ve spent on these courses and methods in the last few years. The probably wud have worked but I just shelved them.
But yesterday I got a free book by a guy named Yassin. claims he has cracked the Craig’s List Code.
Of course the book was short and just a bite of his marketing program.
I gotta admit I want it, and it’s only $97
He uses a $4 an hour assistant to do all the work to bring him leads off of Craig’s List.
I love CL, I have made at least a 100 Grand off of them in the last few years.
I’m going to have to order this program, I spend more money than that on energy drinks and bubble gum.
Anyways check this guy out on you tube. Yassin, Craig’s List code cracked.

You actually made this?

This isn’t just a wild goose chase?

Can you show me proof of this?

If I was a landlord, would I want to rent to you?

Show me proof.

Haha, I realized nobody wud believe the checks I was cashing, So what did I do & still do?
I photograph every one. I also photograph the bird dogs holding the cash I paid out to them.

Just email me and I’ll send you the photos.
Or maybe it’s all a trick, done with mirrors, to torture you and make you do something you have no chance of doing.
Just keep on doubting, stay negative, question everything, waste time, do nothing.
Your attitude is amusing. But not conducive to a successful outcome.

Send me all the pictures.

PM me for my email.

I wouldn’t still be here if I thought this was games.

I got curious with this also… I want to see pictures. Can you Pm me also? I want to know. Thanks!

Haha, I luv bragging about my deals, the money I’ve made and I luv helping others do it also. I have lot’s of failure stories also. not all easy peezy, you gotta fight your way through the bad times.
If you email me I’ll send you photos of my checks, photos of my Harley and vehicles and my new airplane and even the custom home I have on a tropical island. I still don’t believe it.
How can a chewed up old ex construction worker that used to make 30K a year make $93,000 last year?
I will do better this year, Hell, I pulled in 40 Grand last month and 28K the month Before.
Yes Martha, you can teach an old dog new tricks.
And I am still small time, getting better at this.
Let’s make some Money…

If only we could teach you Sub2, you’d stop throwing away all those non qualifying leads!!!

You’re an inspiration my friend, hopefully people here don’t take your knowledge for granted. This year I plan on using wholesaling as a more serious tool. Most of the leads that would be wholesale deals that I see are usually in not so great areas. Until now I’ve avoided them…

The first course I got was from the Texas Guru Phill G. And I did a few profitable Sub to deals and am always looking for more.
But what I find is these underwater sellers will stay in the house for a few years for free and unwilling to walk away and pay high rent somewhere even if it means screwing up their credit.
When I do find someone willing to walk away they are too far behind in payments, but I get them to sign the Title over to me and I rent them out till the bank takes the property back, and I’ve made a ton of money doing that.
I have found that wholesaling is much easier to do, the properties are in bad condition and sellers are motivated to sell.
I’m always looking for that Sub to or Lease Option opportunity, cuz I like em.