It's your life...Sleep walk through it.... or LIVE IT!!!!

It amazes me to see the CHOICES people make during their short time in this planet.

Here’s what I know…I’m not 100% sure of these things but I’m willing to bet this is REALITY…

  1. Where ever or what ever is in store for us AFTER this life…There won’t be VINTAGE PORSCHE’S there to enjoy. So I buy them at a discount while here On EARTH, and dive the living sh*t out of them!!!

  2. You can live in SHELTER or you can live in a HOME…SHELTER is what most BUILDERS make MONEY selling these days…A HOME is something SPECIAL…I prePfer mine on a Lake with various watercraft sprinkled about for LIVING…(One other item probably NOT waiting for me in the after life…A 19’ Mastercraft ski boat with a fuel injected 400 ci chevy engine, so I have one HERE)

  3. Whoever said MONEY can’t buy you happiness was a complete moron…The MONEY itself does’t BUY IT…But not having to WORRY about it leaves TIME for the happiness!!!

  4. Half the FUN in anything is the ANTICIPATION, not the ACQUISITION…Learn to ENJOY THE HUNT!!! I buy vintage guitars…I’ve got a bunch of them…HAVING them is nice…F I N D I N G
    T H E M is a blast!!!

  5. Own at least ONE interesting car…It doesn’t have to be EXPENSIVE, just DIFFERENT…REMEMBER THIS ADVICE…No matter how crappy the day seems to be going, getting into a vintage Porsche and just DRIVING is the best MIND CLEANER I’ve ever found. (Old MOTORCYCLES work just as well!!!)
    Having a bad day??? Walk out of the hardware store to see a 6 year old kid JUMPING UP AND DOWN at the mere sight of your car…THEN…Have him and his father get IN the car and take their picture for them with dad’s cell phone!!! THAT DAY just got better for EVERYONE!!!

  6. Make an EFFORT to STAND OUT and HELP OTHERS…YOU get much more in return than you GIVE doing this. A guy I work with is in Afganistan right now fighting for ME and YOU…He has an older Yamaha V-Maxx that he just loves…So we called his wife and picked up the bike, sent everything out for re-chroming, re-painting, new tires, ANYTHING it needs it’s getting…When he gets back…We’ll wheel this rig into the welcome home party!!! I think the guys WORKING on this project are just as excited as he will be.

You go around this way ONE TIME…E N J O Y I T…Make the MOST of it…DO NOT SLEEP WALK THROUGH IT!!

Amen to that!

John <--------Also living the dream

THAT is S W E E T!!! :beer :beer :beer

I bet you get a lot of “thumbs up” when that car drives by…and a line of people standing around it when you stop for fuel.

This is a perfect example of what I’m talking about…You can spend your money on a new F-250 and LOSE $15,000 in 2 years on it…OR…Buy an excellent example of a vintage Porsche like John did and keep your older car for daily use. My experience tells me John’s Porsche 356 won’t drop in value, in fact…It is very likely to INCREASE!!

I know one thing…I’ve NEVER smiled like that while driving an F-250.

Let’s see…


Commercial Real Estate Investor

Vintage air cooled VW owner

Vintage Porsche owner

John ain’t SLEEP WALKING through ANYTHING!!! :beer :beer

Thanks again John for checking out the Beck Speedster for me…It’s a hell of a lot of fun and you made the purchase a breeze!

You forgot to mention and a cute girl to ride around with.

What you are saying is what I have been trying to say for awhile. There was a billboard on when I as growing up that made a great impact on me. It was put up by a guy that bought single family homes and rented them out. He placed it right next to a large apartment complex and it read “live like people not like bees”.

I have built my life on that. You don’t do this stuff for the money you do it for the lifestyle. I always say it costs the same to be poor everywhere. If you only make $1,000/year you are poor in New York City or Pascagoula Mississippi. But where is it cheap to be rich? If you make $100,000/year can you live the life of a rich person with large houses and nice cars in Los Angeles? The answer is no. But you are the mack daddy in Orangeburg SC, Talladega, AL, or Houston Texas.

I tell people that life is not practice. You are in the game RIGHT NOW. You have to take the shot and shoot often. Remember that you have all the time to sleep later on. Like Bon Jovi said “Gonna live while I’m alive, I’ll sleep when I’m dead”.


That say’s it all! :beer

Here’s my contribution:

1971 Plymouth Sport Fury, 383 cid, 86k original miles.
First car I bought. I’ve owned it for 20 yrs.
Never seen another one around.

Mopar!! :beer :beer

and just DRIVING is the best MIND CLEANER I've ever found

especially with some HQ audio:


re: above

picks up at about 1:17 into it.


Okay, what does that giant advertising sign mounted on the roof of your red car say?

It starts out “YOU CAN HELP…”

Darn, I should have thought of that car-roof sign myself. Free advertising! No wonder you look so happy.


What do they say in that rap song? Everybody dies but not everybody lives.

What do they say in that rap song?

that’s soul man…that’s soul.

i got rap if you want it…???

reiclub crowd response:

Oh no!!!


HAHA! It does look like that sign is on my roof!

Pete, looking at that speedster was the least I could do. I bet your having a blast driving it, and you got a great deal on it too.

I am driving mine pretty much every day. Your right, it sure makes this life go by better driving something so beautiful.



I smile everyday just opening my garage door!!! Thanks again man…Without YOU taking the time to drive out and look at the car, take pictures of it, and give me some feedback on the seller…The deal would have never been done.

Your 356 is just beautiful!! Those lines are just pure sculpture.



Gotta love that WAH WAH pedal on Papa Was A Rollin Stone…

Since we’re on the subject of great music…

Check out the box set from STAX RECORDS…STAX was a MACHINE in the early to late 60’s

Green Onions
Dock of the Bay
Soul Man
Some of the best music ever recorded IMHO…



that’s worthy of a printout…

btw…switching subjects…

just upgraded from Excel® 2003 to Excel® 2010…



 Make up your mind about what you want in life and go get it. I agree money does buy happiness, try being happy without it. My friends ask me sometimes how I pull off the things I do. Simple, hard work, everyday, I grind it out working for myself. Some months I make $20k, and this winter I shoveled snow off Craigslist. I did make $1000 in a day a few times but it's not a job. I value the freedom I have create me own future decide my own wages and end up with more than a gold watch and a kick in seat.

 Everytime I walk out of Ruth's Chris with my family I feel like the King of world. Yes my six year old get's a $35 steak and a $10 salad! I won't live any other way.