Its time to wake up Americans?

I don’t usually make posts like this, but I have been thinking a lot lately and needed to express some thoughts.

We as Americans recently elected a party to complete control of our government. This was caused by a backlash of frustrated feeling toward the other party and a charismatic leader that many people were able to fall in love with and get behind. I for one respect the vote of the people. We got what we wanted. Now we have to sleep in the bed that we made, until the next election. I know that many had a lot of good reasons for the way they voted, but I have to ask. IS THIS WHAT YOU REALLY WANTED?

We are being told that we have to pass a stimulus bill NOW. or the sky will fall. But the more we look at the bill, it appears to be mostly just wasteful government pork. The party in control met in conference to iron out the bill and threw out the only provision that I thought had some merit. A tax credit for homebuyers that would have stimulated home buying. When they met it was without ANYONE from the other party. They have the complete power to do this. we gave it to them. IS THIS WHAT WE REALLY WANTED?

One of the leaders that was talking to the press about the need to vote NOW on the bill, and blaming the other party for “playing politics”. admitted that he didn’t know what was in the bill, and hadn’t had time to read it, and that there had been no discussion on the floor about it. ARE YOU SERIOUS? The message is, it doesn’t matter what is in it, just vote for it. The truth seems to be that it is being pushed to get done because it advances this parties agenda, not because it is a true stimulus bill. IS THIS WHAT WE REALLY WANTED?

The party in power is pushing for government mandated speech. It is called the fairness doctrine. It would take any media that the government ( right now controlled completely by one party ) deemed to be one sided, and force that media to offer the other side. In other words if you agree with the party in power, you would be balanced, and if you disagreed, you would have to offer the view of the party in power. Christian programming would be forced to offer views that are morally incompatible with their beliefs. Agree or disagree with talk radio, do you really want them to be forced to have to offer the other side? It is not as if any bodies viewpoints are being kept from being offered. The other side can start a talk radio program as well. Other beliefs can start up radio stations ( and some do ). Nobody is being forced to listen to Rush or the others. But Rush listeners are about to be forced to listen to opposing views on his show. IS THIS WHAT WE REALLY WANTED?

Everyone that I talk to agrees that we are losing our sense of personal responsibility, and that is not a good thing. Do we really think that the more the government does for us, that it will help with this? I hear people asking the president questions at rallies like when is the government going to help me get better benefits. When is the government going to make it affordable for me to own a home. Wouldn’t we rather that these people be given the opportunity to make these advances themselves and to grow and be productive along the way, instead of simply trying to solve the problem immediately and with the government? We are spending a lot of money to make the problem worse. IS THIS WHAT WE REALLY WANTED?

I fear that we voted for change without many of us realizing what change meant.

We need to wake up. Please take a careful look at what is happening and ask yourself if this is what you really wanted?


“A democracy can only last until the majority of the populace realizes that they can vote money for themselves from the public treasury, and they lose the moral capacity to resist taking it for themselves. At this point, they will always vote for the candidate that gives them more, and the government will go broke.”

Slightly paraphrased quote ( couldn’t remember it exactly )

I’m of the opinion that we should focus on the the things that we can control. We can’t control what the govt. will do. But we can control how we respond to the changes that occur around us. It’s so much easier to change your own behavior and actions than others. Look at the current party in “control” and look to position yourself to profit from these changes. :beer

I believe that we as citizens have much more influence than you think. However, most of CHOOSE not to use our power. It’s popular belief that the problem is somehow “out there” and we’re all powerless. All of this has local roots. How many of us actually write our representatives to let them know of your dissatisfaction? All it takes for evil to dominate is for a good person to DO NOTHING!! I’m encouraging that EVERYONE pay attention to how the people who say they represent us vote! Here is a link to your representatives- Let them know what you think!!

That’s a good point and falls under the things that we can control. I didn’t mean to imply that we are powerless. Quite the opposite. I don’t think it’s very productive to throw up your hands and complain when there’s so many other things we can do to adapt and change if needed.

I am a proud Republican and always will be …Obama and his Motley Crew cant screw a light bulb in correctly…Read what these morons put in this stimulus package and see if you are proud that you voted for this guy…Also the Commander in Chief does not talk down the economy and become a fear monger to get a BS package passed…He is destroying the free markets and Geitner should be held liable for getting on national TV and acting like a clueless bafoon…This is a guy who knows better which makes it all the worse…

I fear that we voted for change without many of us realizing what change meant

I’m not looking to throw eggs here by this comment but it baffles me what anyone saw in this guy to begin with…Bush was right,history will benefit him and it already is…