It's so Horrible I don't even want to talk about it.

I got a call from a seller that said he received my letter offering to buy his house several months back.
He mentioned his Grandson was staying in the house but he died unexpectedly 2 weeks ago. I said, oh no, what happened? He says its so horrible I don’t want to talk about it.
He started crying and I was lucky to get the address of the house b4 he hung up, without saying goodbye.
This business can be emotional, I’ve had a few older ladies start crying when I asked them about their house and let them talk.
I’m uncomfortable in these situations. However I know I do have genuine empathy and maybe it comes thru.
Now, how to not feel like a entrails eating vulture when I kick him in the gonads with my low ball offer?

I must be jaded, because I’ve had those conversations before, and after the crying and crap stopped, the sellers were just just as selfish, ornery and greedy as ever.

Seller says:
“Well, we’re not sure about selling now, because that’s where all our memories of Grandma Hazel are, and you know how much we loved (breaks into tears again) Grandma Hazel. How much did you say you would offer us? Well, Grandma Hazel always thought the property was was way more than that. You’re just a low-balling (another crying jag) jackass.”

I say:
"Yeah, well I am a low-balling jackass, but Grandma Hazel is dead! She’s taking a dirt nap! She’s toes up, and room temperature, and can’t sign a contract. So my cash offer expires at five o’clock. Tick Tock "

Maybe not. :beer