It's raining houses...

I’m starting to see more auction signs in our neighborhood. The sky is definitely falling.

If it’s raining houses, then go outside and catch a few for yourself!


here in chicago too…but we are getting the “reduced price” signs now too lol

plus i am getting tons of emails from various sources for properties,the pickings are great,…the reo tour sheets from the many banks have tons of properties

i’m working the section 8 market with homeowners…low income neighborhoods…not war zones…the rents there are realistic …and the mortgages are peanuts,i’m looking for NASTY houses,filthy etc, hehe lol

also getting banks calling me back with counter offers but i am turning them down…too soon…they will change their tune next year when the houses have been sitting for ever…plus add on all the new REOs!!

p.s. this site needs to update their servers,its too slow and posting takes a couple of times…and i do have broadband connection…only this site i have problems with…

my 2 cents

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Yea but the National Association of Realtors just said prices are going UP next year!!!

I don’t understand???

I listened to the Federal Reserve Chief last week, he said Sub-prime wasn’t going to be a problem for the economy or liquidity, but then why can’t that neato company Cerberus sell their bonds to anyone???

I don’t understand???

I live in the smallest state in the Union and we had 275 foreclosure notices in the local newspaper LAST WEEK!!! The week before had 250.
Some people tell me I’m too negative???

I don’t understand???

But I KNOW everything will be “OK” as soon as the DEMOCRATS take the WHITE HOUSE and beat up all those dirty millionaires who created wealth in the last 8 years!!!


Gotta run, I’m chasing Butterflies today.