It's Hit or Miss with Bandit Signs

After 4 months of working almost full time as a wholesaler, I finally took the plunge and bought 100 bandit signs. I read the sign regulations in my county of Prince William and avoided all the main drags. I targeted neighborhood streets. This way people would pass by the signs slowly on their way to or from work. Some signs were pulled within 24 hours while some others are still up.

One lady left me a voice mail saying that my sign was in front of her home and there were no issues with her home. :banghead Another neighborhood had a sign outside someone else’s home and he was washing his car right by it. He didn’t mind the sign.

Has anyone else had the same experience?


I’ve had a handful of phone calls of pissed off people that didn’t like my signs. I’ve been called an a hole, been threatened to be turned in to the to city, and have had plenty of signs pulled down by whoever…

Welcome to the game!

Typically, if you place the signs on a Friday evening and not in neighborhoods, you have very little issues. A lot of folks like to pick them back up on Sunday evening but I believe it’s best to just leave them out as all you need is one good deal to make it worth your while.

Friday evening placement locations: Big Box parking lots as people enter and leave, supermarket parking lots as people enter and leave, near parks when you know there is going to be activity there, off ramps of major roads where people have to stop…

You will always get hate calls. I’ve been threatened to be sued because according to him, his son choked on my door hanger. People called me upset that I sent them a post card. Others demanding they know where I got their info from and so on.

If you are not getting angry calls, then you’re marketing is not working :slight_smile: You have to piss off few to make sure the majority are getting it.

As far as bandit signs go, it highly depends on the location, the bandit sign it self (colors, wording, readability), how many you have up, does one see your bandit sign more than once on their way home from work, how long have they been up and so forth.

Bandit signs are like advertising, they do not have a “call to action” to them and they do not give you room to explain or convince people to call right away.

I mail “Sell Your Home Quickly!” postcards every month to my farm. On the card is a 24 hour recorded message phone number which gives about a 45 second message about my business. After hearing my message (which is designed to screen out sellers with no equity) sellers can leave me a voice mail message if they want me to call them. One such voice mail message was from a lady who said “you can take your postard and shove it up your ass”. This was totally uncalled for. She could have simply thrown the card out. Needless to say, I flagged this address in my database with the words, “do not mail - received rude response”.

So far, after mailing thousands of postcards, I only had one rude voice mail message.

I will be replacing some pulled bandit signs with new ones. Let’s see what calls I get in a few days.

You are better off putting up the signs at high traffic street corners where there is a stop sign or stop light. The idea is to get as many people to see it as possible and where they will have time to write down the phone number. Don’t expect them to stay up to long they will be taken down but you won’t find a cheaper way of getting good leads.

Let them come, just do this in moderation… any clients from these bandits signs? :slight_smile: