It's always slow in December

I remember when I was doing Construction, if I didn’t hold back some earnings in Oct and November, I would have to sell something to get rent and food money to get me thru December. But, I remember, if I had some weed and a pot of beans on, I was happy.
In the 3 years I’ve been wholesaling Real Estate it’s a similar scenario. But now, I don’t have to sell anything cuz I got a nice reserve, it still slows down in December, with less calls, no deals.
The plan is, just to catch up on some books and do some relaxing, It’s cold outside.
Has anybody else experienced December slow downs?
Better times are coming…


When I was an agent in CA Dec. and Jan were my worst months. Now living in Atlanta and being an investor/wholesaler I realize much has not changed. Actually the 1 thing that has changed is sellers on the investing end become more motivated. Its a great time to buy if you are an investor. Not a great time to sell if you are a homeowner.

Please don’t glorify drug use…

Haha, actually I hate the stuff now. Wasted a lot of years and had zero motivation, ambition and goals.
I would seriously advise against using any drugs, especially ciggs, alcohol & doctor prescribed.
I’m happy to say it’s been many years since I got off that blankity blank stuff.
Now I get high on slamming Real Estate.
Let’s make some MONEY…

Very true