It's a good day to get paid.

Who here thinks today is a good day to get paid? I do. I am one of those freaks who actually LIKES getting up in the morning because each day is another chance to get paid. Each day the sun comes up I can get paid. Each day it rains I can get paid. I don’t depend on some company staying in business to keep my job. My only boss is God and my business is recession proof. Man, I love wholesaling!!! :dance2 I know this has nothing to do with questions or any specific wholesale topic, but I was in a good mood and thought I would share.
Go forth and prosper!!!

Yahooooo Brandon,
I did get paid today , But I did listen to our Boss first, Then Last!!!Then tomorrow, then…!

You know what every day above the ground is a great day, if you make it one.

I dont know if you heard, but theres a rumor that its even better once your below ground.

My philosophy is that if you try hard you will get paid the day itself.Then it is up to some public relations :cool