It sure has been one of those weeks....

Misery Loves Company! This week we got a hat-trick.
Water heater died
Intense Heat Killed the A/C unit
Water Bill doubled over previous month

Total repair cost $2100 (Labor included)
Total of my time wasted (20 hrs!) Good thing I don’t manage it myself!

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A couple weeks ago, I posted about “catching” a tenant trying to suddenly move out and slip away into the night. Well, we’ve been working over on that houes trying to get it ready for the next person. We also bought another house needing a good bit of work. Closed on it this past Wed. Went over to change the locks on the door yesterday and found the side door open. Went inside and the following items had been stolen: pretty much all interior doors, pedastal sink, gas wall heater that was nearly brand new, and the front entry door.
We called the cops. One officer came over and took the data for the report. I requested an investigator take prints as there were a couple beer cans on the front porch. He got several good prints, but I know nothing will really come of any of this. I tried to not get too upset because it really wasn’t a huge expense. The interior doors will take me awhile to paint and hang, but oh well. This is the first time we’ve had this happen. Several of our occupied houses get broke into so dirtbags can steal the flat-screen tvs.
It’s pretty easy for your priorities to get shifted around in the rental business when crap like this happens. I definitely wasn’t planning on spending most of my day at that house yesterday.

What failed on the water heater and AC unit?

Water Heater? It was about 10 years old, and it was just easier to replace then try to figure it out.

A/C #1 - Compressor died, needed to be replaced
A/C #2 - Belt Motor Crapped out, needed to be replaced

Of course in Las Vegas here, you have 48 hrs to repair an A/C unit or the Rentor can move into a hotel until it is fixed. So the A/C guys can charge not only for the arm, but also the leg.

FWIW, I took all parts off the first water heater I replaced and threw them in the toolbox. Most water heater repairs cost me nothing now unless the tank leaks. I can fix anything in about 20 minutes. Your management company should have someone on their staff that can do the same.

Were it me and I had 48 hours to change an AC unit I would watch craigslist and purchase about four 120v window unit air conditioners for $50 apiece. Then you never get in a position where you have to make a decision too fast.

Unfortunately I was not in town during this incident. And with my work schedule 60-80 hrs a week, I rely on a pm to deal with the property, so that I can use my valuable free time working deals. So I told him to replace it and craigslist the old one. Only cost ~$400 with labor.