ISO Equity/Credit Partner

Hello everyone,

How do I find a credit/money partner in exchange for equity in the biz/properties acquired?

Thanks in advance,

Check the “Investor Resources” section in the left-hand column on this site or with your local investment club.

In addition to clubs, my preferred method is to approach those whom I percieve to be bigger players than I in the real estate game.

In my market, simply by doing a tax search in our MLS system, with a little finess one can find out who owns several properties.

It may seem a little bold (trust me I have sizable stones), but I have found that that sort of boldness, essentially cold calling the bigger players in the several markets I deal in, find it appealing that I am willing to

1 reach out
2 allow them to help evaluate the prospective deal
3 and ultimately they have consistently put me in touch with thier banker/investors/ point people

And all of those things simply ad to my “stock” and experience as an investor.

As a final thought, looking back at my decade long ride in hands on real estate investing, its always been better (for me) to have an experienced real estate partner than a non-experienced one.

Thank you both. Ideas are the mother of invention… but why re-invent the wheel when asking the question can point me in the right directions?

Again… thanks! :wink: