Is you Is,or Is you Ain't!

How many offers do all of you usually make in a week?

Depends how many get accepted. With my business at it’s current size, it’s been as little as 3 and as many as 35 with an average of about 18.

What exactly do you do?

Rehabs. I consider winter the off season so I don’t make many offers now. In the spring/ summer I’ll be making 20-25 offers a week and getting 3-12 accepted on average. More often than not I work with trusted and trained RE agents that I “dispatch” to meet with the seller to negotiate and strike up a deal. These agents sometimes are then paid as project managers then get the listing when it’s ready for sale. As much as I hate agents, they really are at the core of my business. It’s tough to find an agent who knows how to use a screw driver but once you do, they can be fantastic project managers and even better at selling. They’ll know specifically the features of the dishwasher, exotic name and dimensions of the granite, the warranty on the new roof, etc. because they were the ones who ordered it.

If you use agents to make your offers, make sure you train them outside of their normal crap they learn. They don’t automatically know how much of a bargaining tool certain components can be. The only agents who make offers for me are also my project managers. They know what things cost when there broken and how much work it takes to fix them!