Is Wholesaling Dead??

Hey I was just watching a video by Jason Hansen,he specializes in sub 2’s and lease options.He states that wholesaling is dead…is this true??

Absolutely NOT! Wholesaling is alive and well and will always be a way to do
real estate deals, ALWAYS!

It will never die, that’s the great thing about wholesaling. Buy low and sell high,
that’s wholesaling and it’s the American way of doing things.

Don’t listen to people who say this can’t work, this won’t work, or this is illegal,
etc, etc…

Find out the right ways to do things, and push forward.

Ok, cool,sry I’m just extremely pumped up to get going and I just wanted to get a second opinion.I’m actually getting ready to start in a couple weeks,I decided that I was going to buy eric medemars course…would you suggest it??Ive only heard great things about it.

Don’t know anything about Eric’s course but I can highly recommend Wholesaling for Quick Cash by Steve Cook. Breaks everything down in real world fashion step by step. Not sure if it’s available on this site or not.

Find reviews on the internet and read comments. Go to a shop and read a few pages by yourself. Buy any books then.

Wholesaling is alive and well!!! Go look at Vena Jones-Cox’s Wholesale course. She has a ton of articles on reiclub

iS wholesaling dead? I hope not for my sake.

I love the way some of these “guru” guys come out. They say stuff like “Now is the time to invest in rehabs!” or “Invest in Gold!!”.

To answer the question, YES!! Wholesaling, and REI as a whole is alive and well. It’s the investors who are “dead” and choose to take part in the recession. The only recession i’m worried about is the recession on my hair line.

I would normally recomend my website or the ebooks here but I strongly recomend you get out there and actually make the deals yourself. I learned how to wholesale when I called my local title company and asked about the process of a double close. I learned about short sales when I actually had to do one to make a deal go through, etc, etc.

The best wholesale course is life, and it’s FREE. Also I would recomend learning from someone who can mentor you who has done deals.

I thought wholesaling was buy low and sell low and leave most of the profit for the next investor.

You’re absolutely correct. But I like to buy low and sell high! I’m looking to extract as much
profit as I can, while at the same time, leaving a good profit margin (if I’m selling to an investor),
or equity margin (if I’m selling to an owner occupant).

Either way you slice it, you’re buying (or controlling) for a low amount, and you’re selling HIGH,
at a higher amount than what you bought (or controlled) for.

Is wholesaling dead? Wholesaling is impossible to kill.

They’re will always be room for a high paid middleman in every transaction.

I’ve got a very sneaky suspicion that right after Jason said “Wholesaling is dead” he said “This thing I want to sell you is alive”…

So clever…

If you want to see wholesaling is alive and well go check out Matt Shrivers blog…

He’s killing it…

Wholesaling is FAR from dead. I just had a student blow me away with a deal he did 2 months ago and made $400K in 3 weeks on one deal. He’s former owner of Cleveland Browns. What I will say is the old way of wholesaling is dead! It me a few months to adjust to the new market with all the deals I was doing. The market tanked and I felt the burn, but now after adjusting to the new way of investing…I’m honestly killing it right now. There are a lot of wholesaling courses out there…do your research and buy one. Just dont let the media or naysayers kill your dreams. Wholesaling is ALIVE! Stay focused and don’t let the voices of other shake your focus. When you buy which ever course you get…please take action. Nothing works unless you do.

Kenny Rushing

He's former owner of Cleveland Browns.

It wasn’t Art was it?

No : ) His name’s Bob Gries

not dead, just need to learn your markets and how the business works. then consistently put your self out there

Wholesaling Dead? Whoever told you that needs to be :guns
No true real estate investor would ever say something like that. In order for Wholesaling to be dead, Rehabbing and Landlording would have to be dead as well. It’s just common sense. Granted, it is harder for buyers to get funding from banks. That is why so many investors now are turning to private money to fund their deals. Deals are always going to be bought as long as the numbers make the buyers drool. I think Jason might have said Wholesaling is dead so he could sell his sub2 and lease option courses. Nirkt, here’s a test for you to determine if Wholesaling is dead.

Go out and buy 10 blank bandit signs.

Write on those signs the following

                        HOUSE 4 SALE
                        3BD 1BA
                        $18,000 CASH
                         PHONE NUMBER

Put those out on a Friday evening, You’ll have your answer on Saturday whether Wholesaling is dead or not. :biggrin

I think what they meant is that there are so many homes to choose from and probably too many wholesalers. It isn’t very hard at all for an investor to cut the wholesaler out completely. Or the competition is killing them.

I disagree. Wholesalers will always be needed. It isn’t even really about Investors having the pick of the litter in regards to deals on the market. People have their specialties traits. Most landlord know they could find properties on their own, but they also know that they’ll be sacrificing time away from what makes them money. Landlords want to focus on landlording and rehabbers want to focus on rehabbing. That is the best use of their time. Investors appreciate a wholesaler finding a property that meets their investor’s criteria, negotiated for the best possible price, profit analysis performed, repair estimates performed, title work and other details done. It’s not always about price, its about time management for the investor.