Is this weird?

I have cash buyers who are interested in purchasing A LOT of properties this week…

…but I only have properties on the MLS that my agent has given me (NO FSBO), not to mention, these properties can only be put under contract BY THE END BUYER.

…SO, IF I STILL wanted to wholesale these properties to the end buyer, should I put the contract under MY NAME “and/or” the End Buyer?

…That way if my end buyer, backs out of the deal, I can still have an exit strategy by putting a contingency of a 14 day inspection period on the contract.

Is that weird?..

In other words is there a better way you would handle this, to keep yourself safe? Or no…?


I wouldnt wholesale off the mls. Its too late at most points. A true wholsaler finds diamonds in the rough. Anyone can buy off the mls. Just my thoughts though. Good luck.

For this I would prefer that you should go to the some expert and get help…!! So he or she will give you authentic advice!!