Is this too ghetto, for a low income rental home?

Hey guys,

Is this too ghetto, for a low income rental home?

Imagine doing an entire home in this - 12" vinyl squares.


It’s certainly not too ghetto for me, but of course I don’t live in my rentals!


They look fine to me. If they have a lighter color for the same or lower price, I’d go with that. I’ve seen the same pattern in yellow and white. It really brightens the room up.

How much is it? I’m in love with VCT, you can order all kinds of colors at lowes, the stuff they have in stock is too commercial looking. Last I checked it was still 58 cents a square foot.

Lady at lowes today told me everything is going up in price a few days in the store. So time to hedge the stuff I know I will need soon.

$0.69 /sq foot at Home Depot, but I got it for $0.50 /sq foot with coupons


Also I did use a lighter color.

AND THEY CAME OUT GREAT LOOKING! YEAH! I installed ~300 square feet of it today.

Here are some positive reviews for the stuff I found on a different website. Apparently someone has had them for a couple years & they’re holding up well. The trick is to just install them right - e.g. on clean plywood, or primed cement, etc.

What I do when I install “sticky tile” is to clean the floor of all debris that may cause lumps and give it a quick wipe down with some kind of cleaner I like ammonia or bleach cheap and effective.

Then I use vinyl tile adhesive the kind for the better tile and spread it from the far side all the way out the door. VERY thin and let it set up sometimes overnight, I’ll do it at the end of the day on my way home. The next day I start laying tile it will not come back up. It is kind of frustrating when I get one in wrong cause I have to use a scraper to get it back up before installing another but boy do they stick!

Since I know they are rentals it just help cause I know water spills just get left to evaporate and people are hard on stuff this helps keep them in for good.

Also my prep on the old tile is simple since the glue will give me a little room for a cushion I just nail any old lifting tile with a roof nail. A small bucket of adhesive $9.99 will cover a thousand Sq. Ft. or more because I use it real, real thin.