Is this Possible

I have been following the foeclosure cases here in Cleveland. One just came up where the defendant has filed bankruptcy 4 times. How many times before they say its enough. Its schedule to go to auction this Monday. I also see some cases where the prayer amount(I guess that what the bank is owned) is like 80,000 and the house appraises for like 40,000. How is this possible.

A person can file bacruptcy after 7 years and I’m not a lawyer but I have had dealings with bancruptcy issues and to the best of my knowledge there isn’t a limit.
The other question about the appraisal could be a number of things. to start the person took a 125% equity loan and then property values dropped or it could be as simple as they knew they were going to lose the house so they absolutely trashed it
to the point that it is now only worth 40000.00. hope this helps’