Is This Mortgage Fraud?

I am trying to learn as much as I can about wholesaling and rehabbing, and I bought this gurus course last week. This does not seem right, though. Can you really sell your house to your wife and keep the profits? I watched his other videos on youtube and they seemed to be pretty good. How do you sell your house to your wife/friend and make money?

Thank you
Aaron B

The mortgage application will ask if you are married. If you lie about being married that is fraud. Also, most mortgage companies use a quailty control software called DISSCO, and it not only tells them your phone number when you were in high chool it verifies any public record on you such as a marriage license. I am a wholesale rep for a major lender and have been for 10 years and I have seen folks get caught. These days I would not do it, the FBI is licking their chops.