is this legal?

well i was browsing on (this is the way to spend my holiday) and i came to a listing of a house that is selling for 8$.

hmm… doesnt sound like a bad deal in a neighbourhood that is 340k. so i called up and asked.
and it turns out that it was not a mistake. it was so that the realtor can get people to call and bid a price. is this s*** legal?

Sure, why not? It’s just like an auction that starts off at a buck. Besides, it’s that person’s right to offer it for sale at whatever they want.

I’ve been caught on that before too. I saw a listing for $0 and I had all kinds of crazy thoughts!!! I thought maybe they just wanted to get rid of it, maybe I could make $100,000 on this!! WOOH OOOOOOOO!!! Eh eh. If it seems to good to be true… you know the rest. I then realized that this was for an auction and it had the auction date and everything in the description. :beer