is this legal??

:redface: :icon question:I am a VERY new invester in a small town in ky.I want to print flyers that i buy houses i:e home payments forcing u into bankruptcy? relocating? need a quick sale… so on and so fourth. Goal to target needy sellers then hand out these flyers in a very busy area. Question is that legal without getting a permit and not considering myself as a bussiness? Do i just consider myself a home buyer?

I would say that this is a state by state issue I would check your local state guidelines!

thank you

yep check with your local municipality on housing

I must concur with reo, check with your local municipality. However, I know that if I were to call my local municipality and ask them if I need a permit to use toilet paper this month they would say yes. If you are willing to ask if you need a permit, they will gladly say you do.

I can’t quote you a case, so do your homework. I am sure there must be a legal site available that can provide some information. I believe that if you go to a local strip mall that has say a major grocery store as an anchor that this is considered the equivalent of the town square way back in the “dark ages.” If you want to hand them out to peoples homes they will likely require a permit because this is not a “public gathering” area. However, if you are in a public gathering area and you are handing them out not just hanging them up on poles etc they cannot restrict you. This is my personal understanding/opinion and is not legal advice.