is this legal?

I have qualified to buy my 1 bedroom council flat on south coast UK.
If i bought it for a non relative as an investment with me living there till my death [within next 5 years] would this be legal?
any info appreciated.

Perhaps you need to go to a ‘legal’ professional to ask if your actions are legal, rather than a real estate investment public forum. You will likely NOT get advice in this format, and if you do get advice, especially ‘legal’ advice on this forum, you would likely not take it for face value! Remember the ad about believing everything your see or read online…‘Bonjour!’

Having said that, if you are using financing to acquire this property for primary residence or if you plan to use as investment property, anyone can buy for those reasons…just be cautious to disclose your intent and purpose to the lender so that there can not be any fraud in your transaction. Full disclosure…and you will likely be safe to move forward…opinion…not advice.

Good luck with that!

Hope this helps.