Is this acceptable?

If there was a seller willing to sell his 100k property for 80k reduced price for 20k up front. The total loan amount would be 80k. If the buyer financed 30k for the upront money, with an additional 10k to use in paying down the 30k loan. And negotiated a seller finance of the remaining 60k at 4% on the property, and payments would start one year later. Then down the road refinance the first 30k loan with a traditional loan at 4%. Exit strategy being to live in the house for a few years then resell.

Just trying to get creative here with the no money down approach, tell me what you think

No money down means you have great income, great credit.

if you can get a signature loan for $30k then you could do that,the seller would normally want to be first in line on the deed if you default, so the $30k would have to be a second or a signature loan (or against some other property/item you have

Thanks Dallas, another one for you is if the buyer got the loan and everything went smoothly. Could you refinance the 30k with a bank with a lower interest rate, using the property as collateral?

There is a good chance if there is equity in the property and you have good credit and verifiable income.

Could you do this in the property you want to live in?

You will also get time benefits and relaxation in this so its not bad in this matter.