Is this a scam ?

My gut tells me it is…

I signed up to work for a company looking for distressed properties. I went out and found plenty but decided I would only submit 2 to see how the process went. I was paid via paypal echeck which I found odd since it was such a small amount.

I received an email from the company around the time of payment stating their season had ended but if I wanted to do more work for them, to reply to the email so they could notify me when they would re-start.

Today I see a similar ad for the same type of work. I go to the website and it looks exactly like the website I worked for last week but a different name. When I try to sign up, the name of the original site pops up and says I am already signed up. When I try to login, I cannot. But I can sign up with a new email address.

Which leads me to believe that the echeck will probably never clear and that this person is having house scouters go out and find him properties for free and not paying the scouts. What do yall think ?

Hmmmm. I believe that you answered your own question. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…it is probably a duck. Mark this one up to experience and move on… :flush

Thanks ! I will report back n the status of the echeck later this week.

That’s right. Just be more cautious the next time. :slight_smile: