is this a potential 7 day sale deal?

Looks like a decent price. My plan would be to get an option on it. Then do a 7 day sale auction.

Zillow Estimate was $117,500
Asking Price: $99,900

I calculated my Maximum Allowable Offer to be $85,450. Assuming the zillow estimate is close. The Fast sale value is $95,450. I want to make $10,000 on the deal.

That is my post. Now let’s fix the post.

What details am I missing? What facts am I not considering about the deal. The obvious one is I need to know what equity the owner has. See what kind of things I can do with that. If they owe $60,000 or something this is a completely different deal then if they owe $95,000.

Noone answered the phone when I called so I’ve only been able to get the information in the craigslist ad as of now. What else do I need to figure out to find out if this is a potential go ahead deal?

Find out there reason for selling.

Get an appointment, talk to them.

Zillow estimates are never close, always need to verify with the neighborhood SOLD comps.

get in touch with a realtor and have them run you some comps.

also have you researched the property ??

do not go by what zillow -estimates say its worth. if it were that easy then their would be no properties worth buying available.


I live in holland MI thought id lend a follow michigander a hand. :beer