Is this a good or bad deal.

I just found a great deal on a 5bd 3ba Brick Ranch home in Marietta, Ga.
ARV - $164,000-$196,500
Repairs- $10,000
asking price - $110,000
my exit strategy is to assign the deal for $6,000

-5bd, 3ba
-living area- 1723sqft
-built in 1966

It has a good substantial amount of equity and I am looking for an investor to assign the deal to.
Please let me know if this is a good or bad deal so I can know the next step to take.

Be more accurate about your ARV.

If it is 164 000, you need to buy it a bit cheaper, about 10K cheaper.

Really depends on the ARV.

Is it listed? What’s going on with this property.

The ARV is $185K and the owner is trying to sell because they have to move to Las Vegas before the summer.

If you are certain that $185k is the ARV then the numbers generally work.

That being said, the very best way to know either way is to contact your list of investor buyers and see if they are interested in purchasing this type of property with these types of numbers.

Find the investors who are looking to purchase, find the deals and then match the two. You will only really know if it’s a good deal if your end investor/buyer thinks it’s a good enough deal that he/she will purchase it for the amount that you are asking.

Chris Parks