Is this a good opportunity for a sub2?

I’m completely new to sub2’s and I’ve been reading as much as I can.
I have a potential deal right now where:

-The owner is 2months behind payment.
-Has the house listed for 3 months, expires in 9 days.
-Owes 189k on the mortgage
-House is easily worth 300k

The agent listed the house for 360k, which is insanely high and very foolish considering the owner is in risk of foreclosure. Not to mention the agent also put 2 bedrooms instead of 3.

I spoke to the owner and he said he would like to walk away with about 280k, which is also way too high. However, he knows he’ll face foreclosure and doesn’t have many options.

My solution:

To offer 200k to the owner. But rather than buy the property from him and deal with all that,

Is this is a good case for a subject-to?
Can someone point in the right places to learn about subject-to’s?

Your help is appreciated!

In these types of deals where there is a lot of equity at stake for the owner and a large profit for you. There is no need to short sale the property unless you’re greedy orjust good at it. Having the owner sign a “Quit Claim” takes an enormous amount of convincing without seeming over ambitious. Which in turn will scare somone off. If you do get title be sure that you can make the monthly payments after you bring the loan current using your end buyers money of course. This avoid the bank calling the loan due on sale. Well technically the property was never sold so it’s just a threat. Just keep making the payments and no problem will incur. sure you can offer the ownermoney to transfer title. This money I call Pity money. It’s uip to you how much you want to give him knowing he has a lot of equity into it. But remember some currency has to exchanged in order for the contract to be legally binding. Sounds like a Great SUB2 deal go for it.
Act fast before another investor does!!

Oscar no one ever said anything about doing a short sale.

I’m sorry I just threw that in there. My answer was yes it sounds like a great Sub 2 deal