Is this a good name for my LLC

aftermath investments[b][/b] Since I am targeting pre-foreclosure aftemath would could fit the description. because I am trying to help the homeowners out since they are having fianaical problems. The aftermath would be to get them out of this problem and get the foreclosure lawsuit off there credit and move on with a new start. What do you guys think?

I think it sounds like a made for tv movie about the apocalypse meets wall street.

I don’t care for the name aftermath… It makes me think of the day after some horrible tragic event… why not spin it and be positive?

New Day
New Dawn
Looking Ahead
Future …


Good luck.
I just formed on Friday…

(Last name) Asset Management, LLC

I agree with the others. You sound like a modern-day carpetbagger post-Katrina. Note mine at bottom of post.

If I was about to lose my house to foreclosure I would not call on a company that had that name. It is kind of cruel and predatory.

Sorry, you asked! Just my 2 cents.

How about
Postponeyourultimatedemise .com

How 'bout

I would create a LLC in a positive name.
I would not say or Imply anything negative to someone you are trying to become friends with. Spoken or unspoken it just sounds a little harsh.

Be careful about having a business name with “Investments” in it. One of my advisors told me that in order to advertise a business name with “investments” in it, you may have to be a registered investment advisor or hold a series 6 or series 7 securities license. I think it is a violation of either the Securities Act of 1933 or 1934…the paper act or the people act.

I am not 100% sure, but you make want to look into that.

Advertising includes business cards and web pages.

Why not something that says what you will really do?

Sell Your House To Me LLC
House Buyers of (your city)

Perhaps something neutral, like,

Capital Finance Partners
TL Enterprises

There’s an Aftermath Cleaners here in KC. They market to landlords to clean between tenants. Aftermath Cleaners gives a good first impression i think and i understand how it makes sense, but the first impression for investments is scary. :terminator:

I vote for ;D