Is this a good domain name?

I’m trying to think of a good company/domain name for a REI company thats targeting motivated sellers, much like the “” or “” companies (for reference)

My Questions: I Happen to own the domain name, and so when putting names into consideration I also like to keep this site in mind. The problem is, I don’t know how valuable that domain is, or what its worth. Is it a good one? is it worth using or is it just one that ‘fits in with the bunch’ so to speak?

If it is a good one, should I name my Company after it, such as “You Sell House LLC,” or is that not professional enough? Would it be bad if I used as my website address for a company thats named something entirely different such as, “Creative Real Estate Professionals LLC” (For example).

Look forward to hearing from you guys!

I am of the opinion that your business name and website should have the same name,to avoid confusion.

That’s a great question. It’s a challenge to come up with a good domain name that’s not already taken.

I think the approach you should take depends somewhat on the type of marketing you’ll be doing, but a lot of marketing for investors involves people remembering the domain name or writing it down, so it’s best to make it easy to remember and also incorporate some sort of benefit to the seller.

I think isn’t bad. It’s only three syllables and I think I could remember it short term… but I don’t know that it would stick with me very long since it’s somewhat generic. It would be easy to get something wrong, such as spelling out the word “you”. Although, if that domain is available you could register it too and redirect it to the other site.

Personally I don’t like the sound of “You Sell House LLC” as a business name, probably because it’s not a phrase you’d actually ever say (unless you’re a caveman). I think if you wanted to include the website address I’d just make it clear that it’s a website address, like “, LLC”. Or you could include it with the other name you mentioned, like “ Create Real Estate Professionals LLC” (though that’s getting kind of long).

If you can come up with something less generic and more memorable, it’s better. And if you can include alliteration (a couple words that begin with the same letter), even better. Just as an example off the top of my head, “House Heroes” or “Foreclosure Freezers”, etc. Something that gets across the benefit to the seller but is easier to remember. And by using something a little more creative, there will be a little less competition for domain names as opposed to the generic ones including “house”, “real estate”, etc.

Just some ideas.