Is this a good deal for an investor? A renter upfront before the purchase!

A sales counselor in another community called me and asked if I knew of an investor that would want to buy a home and have one of her customers rent it from him. The customer was renting and found out when a notice got put on her rental that the home she was currently renting was going into foreclosure. She wanted the investor to buy her a 108k home she has $2500. upfront and wanted a lease option deal. She can pay upto 1300. a month. She has her own business and after her gross 6000. month income her net in 3500. a month. There is a chance at getting about the price of the home upfront from that builder for that investor. Its a brand new home in the first phase. She is ready to move in March 1st. Is this a good deal for an investor…what criteria would you have? …an…no she doesnt want the house shes living in that is about to be foreclosed.