Is this a deal?

Go easy on me b/c I am new at this. ok, so I think I found a deal, at least it feels like one, but I can’t figure out what to offer. I’ve got a guy who wants to sell his duplex for 80k. It needs some repairs. The upstairs is gutted to the studs b/c he was installing insulation and hvac (already purchased). Downstairs has already been renovated. Not having seen the property yet (I’m going out today) I would guess there is about 15-20k left to fix up. Comps run an average of 110k with a duplex a few houses down going for $137k just recently. The property is assessed at 84,700k. Is this a good prospect for wholesaling ? What should I be offering?

no! find another deal.

Can you explain why? If a duplex across the street just sold for $137k (it needed work too) and he was getting $1200 a month in rent? I just want to know so I can figure this out for the next sale. He also said he would take less than 80k and I should make him an offer.

Because of what you said at the first post(about some of it being gutted),but since he said he would take less,the go find a General contractor and get some accurate estimates,then you will know exactly what to offer.Add in your holding cost and everything else,if it falls below 75% of ARV then go for it.“Thats just my opinion”,opinions are like assets and everyone has some.