Is this a bad or good idea???

I am tired of reading books about pre-foreclosures and want some real hands on experience dealing with these. I’m doing the bird dog thing knocking door to door, but i’m not learning as fast as I like, the guys i’m workin for dont’ like to tell much.

So my idea is this, copy and paste a new ad using the local newspaper online classifieds, change the attorney’s name (i’m in a non-judicial state) to a fictious name, and use my address. Maybe even made up some fake mortgage paper work giving myself plenty of equity(or not to see both approaches to this). I know there is a ton of competition in my area, so when they start knocking or calling or mailing, learn as much as I can about what and how each investor goes about “helping” me.

The way I see it, the ad would cost 100 dollars tops, probably only need to run it one day or two, as compared to all the money i’ve already spent on books. I know each investor has to have thier own tactics, I would love to learn them and use what I like.

I hope I don’t get bashed for this!!! ;D ;D

Howdy JB:

Sounds kind of flakey to me. If I was calling and thought you had a deal I would find out pretty fast that you were not real and would be upset.

I agree that this is a bad idea. It may be that you are competing with these people but your tactic seems unethical. So ulitmately can you live with that. You are misleading people to try and find out their secrets. Ask your questions in this forum.

Or try this approach: When you find a contact, build the relationship strong enough with that party to find out how the person you birddogged for approaches them. Nothing wrong with that, right? Tell them that you are truly concerned that person you give the “lead” to is treating them fairly. In this way you can get ideas of what they did or did not like the the investors approach and implement what you like.

This seems like a better idea to me.

I agree with both of you. Thanks guys.