Is this a bad month to market for deals.

Hi everyone,
I was wondering if december is a bad month to wholesale because of the holidays. Should I wait till Jan to spend marketing dollars or is Dec. ok?

If it’s a good enough deal, you can wholesale anytime of the year.

I am trying to wholesale a good deal and 3 we buys houses quick sites never called me back???

A lot of the signs out there are put out by flakes, wannabes, and losers. Call more signs until you find someone that is a realistic buyer that actually BUYS. Also start networking at your local REIA meeting to find buyers.

The other possibility is that your deal isn’t a good deal and they aren’t calling you back because it doesn’t meet their criteria.

Throw enough $hit against the wall and some is bound to stick

brockovich said it best. Any time of the year will work. We are continuing to buy regardless the weather, time of year, or the market. If its a deal its a deal and there are buyers.


Great time to wholesale in my mind for 2 reasons. 1st reason is that sellers are far more desperate as they are getting almost NO offers during the winter. 2nd reason is that a rehabber buying in the winter can have it market ready in early spring which is coming into prime selling season.

DING DING DING DING. Ya, that’s hittin the nail on the head. :beer