Is there money to be made in upstate NY rural acreage?

Opinions would be welcome. It’s real cheap at present…

:flush MY nephew is moving to …I believe it is mecina.spelling is bad. It is in northern New York. He got the land really cheap and is building a house. There is not alot of business there for jobs BUT my mentor states that if a deal is a really good deal and you can look at it differently than norm …you can always make money. Be honest. Ask a realtor in the area…You may be thinking about retiring and want to know why some of the land is really cheap and why. Here in Wisconsin, there is a multi millionaire who lives in a really desolated area but he paid a bundle to have a high speed internet set up by his home. what is in the area to attract people. good luck

Make money in your backyard first. If you can’t make any money there, then look elsewhere. I would never rely on someone else’s opinion if I’m committing significant capital in an area I’m not familiar with. If you want to buy in a market you don’t understand you better take a drive and know what you’re getting into.