Is there any help for my situation

I have been turned down for a mortgage refi/equity loan by everyone. My credit score is below 500, I have been at my job for 24 years, my home was appraised at 285K and I owe 185K. I have late mortgage payments, and collections. Is there any one who will give me a second chance?

Remember there are always options. First, more information is needed.

  1. What are the collections? (Tax/Liens/Banks etc) And Why?

  2. How did this happen? (Job loss…)

  3. Do you want to live there still? Or do you want to get out of this pickle?

  4. You say it is worth $285K. Based on what? And what major repairs are needed?

  5. How behind are you? How is a loan going to help you long term?

Remember, Knowledge Conquers Fear!!!

The collections are mainly small medical bills. we have unpaid charged off credit cards,
the reason is my wife was laid off with a three week notice. She was making a very good salary. We do still want to live in our home. We are due for the April payment. We had an appraisal done which is where the 285K came from. There are no major repairs needed, we had the home built in 1994.