Is there another name for this?

I have been looking for topics related to this, but can’t find any. Has anyone had any success combing through the obituaries, finding a person who is not survived by anyone of the house, then calling on the children or other relatives listed in the obit. as a survivor.

Obviously then offering the estate of the deceased a below market value offer for the property and then selling it yourself.

I suppose there is some type of lingo for commonly used by fellow posters here, but I’m a rook.

Thanks for any feedback

I beleive it’s also referred to as “wholesaling”

Has anyone had any success by calling on this type of situation? I am sure that if you did it very carefully, it could work. Appreciate any feedback.

Would probably be better to call the lawyer thats handling the estate as opposed to the heirs. I’m not knocking on some poor soul’s door or callin them up and asking to buy their poor dead relatives house cheap.

But thats just me


It sounds like you’re talking about estates in probate. You may want to look into a course by J.G. Banks. I haven’t done anything with probate or taken Mr. Banks’ course, so you may want to investigate it first.