Is there a way to make money from your buyers list?


I’m cultivating a list of buyers and I was wondering if anyone has any ideas as to what other ways I can make money with the leads that I’ve generated other than actually doing deals. What I mean to say is that I know I can refer leads to my mortgage broker and the ones that will be able to qualify for a mortgage are the ones for which I will make a marketing fee. These same leads can also be passed onto my RE agent and I can make a marketing fee on the ones that he/she is able to find a home for. Now, other than those few ways…can you think of any other ideas for making money with your list of buyers (especially those who don’t qualify for immediate financing) without doing a deal yourself?


Atleast for me, if I was on your buyer’s list and you sold my name and information to people who would try to solicit me, I would be enraged. I don’t need people calling me to offer their services. If I need a service, I’ll call them.


Call homes for rent - see if they are willing to Lease/Option to buy. Tell them you have buyers. Send the buyer to them, you get the down payment for brining in the buyer. Or half the down payment, $500, whatever works! This is also a great way to find out if they own more property.

Look for adds in newspaper for Lease/Option. Call and let them know you have buyers, set your price, or negotiate your fee for the lead that buys the home.

Good luck!

What is the assumed minimum expected for a Marketing Fee?


There are alot of ways…one way is that you could market other buyers properties to your list and put your fee on top and collect a fee from the buyer as well we the property is sold. (So that’s two fees for one deal…) You could easily make 5-10K a deal without ever owning a thing!

You can also use this company called to send out professional emails to your list…our company has over 3,500 investors that invests in the SE part of the united sates and we charge a listing fee for properties to be put on our website and a fee when the deal is sold.

If you have a website you have more power and can command more money with the peple form your list.

Hope this helps. Also, I want to share something that can REALLY help you or anyone else with a buyers list…