Is there a program or spreadsheet for pro-formas and deal analysis.

I’d happily pay for it if a few people could recommend something that’s works good.

Yes. The CCIM Institute has some great forms. You might be able to find them via google.

Whether you are evaluating professional desktop tools or looking for a convenient app, start with this list of the 10 best real estate software programs available.

  1. For investors who want to build their own models, Microsoft Excel provides the functionality for comprehensive property software analysis. Many of the best real estate software packages are based on Excel. Advanced financial tools support calculating IRR, net present value, and many more metrics.

  2. RealData provides Excel-based investment property software in two versions: Express for smaller portfolios and Professional for all income properties including hotels. Separate product lines support Windows and Mac. The Professional edition can compare individual units and combine income from different property types.

  3. REI Wise takes commercial real estate software analysis to the cloud. Available by subscription, the PowerBroker suite includes investment and leasing financial modeling as well as marketing tools. As software for property investors, it also features a transaction platform with a virtual deal room and document center.

  4. Argus Software offers an enterprise-class suite of investment property software tools for commercial real estate companies. Functions include asset management and valuation, portfolio management, and lease management. Extensive budgeting and collaboration capabilities support team workflows.

  5. ProAPOD, an Excel application for PC, is tailored to serious personal investors. This software for property analysis comes in three versions to serve investors from the beginner to the active holder of multiple buildings. Purchase includes access to the online iCalculator for investments, cash flows, time value and more.

  6. CREmodel is an affordable property investment software package that models the most common metrics for small to medium investors. Calculations include ROI, leveraged IRR, and cash-on-cash return. CREmodel is an Excel template that works with Windows or Mac.

  7. RealBench This property investment software for Windows and Mac benchmarks properties and shows results in red or green. Simply enter property information, and RealBench evaluates customizable benchmarks such as gross rent multiplier and debt coverage ratio. A multi-property comparison dashboard easily compares several properties.

  8. PlanEASe is commercial property software for financial analysis and cash flow projection. Available in Windows PC and cloud versions, planEASe offers comprehensive management of multi-unit residential and office properties. Extensions to the base module include graphics, reporting, and the ability to combine files for portfolio analysis.

  9. Realty Analytics investment property software analyzes potential investments in residential, commercial, and industrial real estate and creates a business plan suitable for use in obtaining financing. The Excel-based program supports branding for industry professionals.

  10. Blyncc brings commercial real estate software analysis to iOS devices with its flagship TheAnalyst app. The app bundles financial calculators, investment analysis tools, and PDF reporting. Handy features include an amortization calculator and property distance measuring.