Is there a place here to post a Purchase/Lease Option deal with 25% ROI I am sel

Is there a place on this forum – or can you suggest other forums – where I can post a deal my partner and I have put together that is the purchase of a house with a lease option tenant on it? I am just wondering where I go to find them.

NOTE: I’ve already posted on my local Tucson Craigslist, on and postlets. I am just wondering where might be some more targeted places to post.

Thanks to anyone who can help. :cool

Not anymore - they were removed due to abuses. The only option on this site is pay advertisement.


join Hope it was ok to put that address. It’s just the local REIA (Arizona Real Estate Investors Association) There are meetings in Phx and Tucson. Then you can go to the next meeting and “advertise” your deal to the members. You must be a member to do that.