Is there a Free Ebook or e-course that shows you how to do Subject 2 deals?

Hi everyone,

 There was a book someone sent me for free  that was around 300 pages a year ago, and it was really good. It talked about how to do Subject 2's, Lease Options, and a few other things. The problem is I can not find it anymore. Can you help me find something like this? Thank you in advance & have a good weekend.

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^^ wow. that link is worth up to $1,000 for some courses. thank you MQ.

Wow! Thanks a lot for sharing your book with us, Michael Quarles! You rock like a rock star! :dance

Hey all, Michael’s book is an excellent resource to learn about sub2 investing. It’s over 300 info-packed pages. I suggest you get it while you can!


Great Info!! Thanks for sharing and helping us all Michael!!

I reall apprecaiate it!!


Michael - in the above book, you say:

“After looking the house over for its obsolescence, you now are at the kitchen table and have made your presentation to buy the house Subject To the existing loans and the sellers have agreed. Both the equity and NON equity presentations are included in the course and you should practice them until you have them down.”

Do you have a link for info on this course or where we can get these presentations?

The presentation is clearly described in the following pages in the book. Just continue to read through the “interview” with the seller. That and the “Yellow Pad” stuff is the presentation.