Is there a deal here?

I have a friend who’ve lost both his parents and wants nothing to do with the house they lived in. My friend and his brother have both decided to let the house foreclose being that the house was not willed to them in their death. The house is upside down and approximately $6k behind in payments. Is there some type of deal here that I could work out to take possession of the house?
Will the bank take the house even if the payments are being made, because there was no will in place?

Any advice would be great!


Personally I would leave it alone.

There are a myriad of possible legal entanglements as a result of the “:no will” situation.

If you really think it is worth it, wait until it goes to foreclosure and buy it then.

Thank you Bill for your input.

I definitely don’t want my first deal to be a disastrous one.
…back to the drawing board… :crying