Is the Short Sale too late?

I’m working for a group in Chi-town that I bird-dog for and brought them a property VERY late in the foreclosure process. I got the info into the office on January 30. It’s with HSBC and we got all the info (letter of authorization, Hardship, w-2’s, etc,.) signed sealed and delivered AND acknowledged by HSBC as to being in their system as of yesterday. HOWEVER, it’s scheduled to go to auction TOMORROW Friday, February 9, 2007 at 10:30 a.m. central time.

The group I bird-dog for seems resigned to the fact that the loss-mitigation arm of HSBC is unaware of what the auction part of HSBC is doing and that despite our efforts, it’s TOO LATE.

I’m thinking one of you short-selling studs have been around long enough and know of a way of alerting the bank of what’s going on and DELAYING the auction at least a month.

At this point any info is of great appreciation.

“Chi-town”?? Is that in Ill-state?


hahahahaha Ill-state. Very funny.


I’ll be here all week!