Is the Real Estate Bottom Market Over??

Hi everyone!

I am re-committing to getting back into wholesaling Real Estate, but I’ve been totally OUT of the REI loop for about a year now. I’ve never actually closed a deal yet but I’ve learn a lot about the industry. One of the most important things I’ve learned is that Real Estate has it’s Cycles…

So my question is…

Are we still in a market where homes are significantly undervalued, banks are overwhelmed with inventory and cash buyers are in a buying frenzy? Or have things changed from the time (1yr) I’ve been absent from the business?

Would love to hear your feedback, thanks!

The answer varies based on the market. Some communities are still having problems while other areas are not. Where are you looking?


My Market is Palm Beach County in South Florida…

But I’m willing to do deals where the wholesale market is.

Did you have any success a year ago?

I would say that many markets are broadly similar to a year ago. Other markets have found a bottom and are more stable (at a lower level).

You said you want to wholesale. That has worked for decades. In other words, you do not need to worry too much about a specific market or market conditions. You need to be really good at finding motivated sellers. It is a marketing job.