Is the best way to Sub 2 through a Land Trust?

Is it true that a Land Trust is the best way to do a subject to, and then get an Assignment of Interest, then transfer to LLC. I’m not really understanding how this all works. What is the best book, home study or class to take on this?
Thanks, Jag

Ron Legrand is an expert on all aspects of RE investing, and a particular expert at Land Trusts & Self-Directed IRAs. Check out his material - it will all become crystal clear.

Is there any other guru that I can listen too. I find him a bit arragont and hard to listen to as he rambles and takes so long to get to the meat of the process.
Thanks, j

You should check out

Every person that is recommended you should do a search for and see what others think. Your own due dilligence is required here.

As far as buying Sub2 in a land trust, William Tingle’s Sub2 course goes over that exact thing. It’s also one of the cheaper Sub2 courses on the market. Unfortunately, REIClub doesn’t seem to carry it, but you can find it here.