Is SAN ANTONIO still hot?

Does anyone know about the San Antonio market. Is it still hot, or should I stay away. I heard Toyota was opening up there and the projections for job growth is strong. Any thoughts?

I was there two weeks ago and the building is going nuts. I plan on moving down there shortly. I don,t know how long it will last but it,s going on now.

I read that unemployment is 10% there with an expected growth rate of 8 to 12%. Maybe that will help the economy. But with these higher interest rates, it’s hard to make a property have even a small positive, therefore I am speculating on appreciation. Do you think that is smart or dumb?

Yes, the RE market is hot right now. There has never been so much buzz and excitement in this city.

it’s a great time to get started into this market. Jagsterr, I PM’d you.

What’s PM?

Sorry, PM means Private Message.

Depends on your exit strategy. How long do you plan to hold?

If I get anything I was thinking of holding it 10, or 15 years. I just found out from the bank that my credit is so good (according to them) that they can do a 100% loan, so I would be out of pocket $80 per month. That’s find with me. Better than laying out $20,000 which would allow me to buy another.

Reason why I was going to hold so long was, they are new, the town is growing (hopefully), and I would look at it a retirement plan, and then an exit strategy would be an PAT.

What do you think?

What is PAT?

Your deal sounds awesome.