Is RealtyTrac on Yahoo any good?

Has anyone used the service realtytrac on yahoo real estate? I found some really cheap foreclosures, but they want $40 a month for the service. Any help or advice on better sites would be greatly apppreciated.


If you use the search feature (in the top toolbar or at:;action=search), you can do a search for RealtyTrac…it’s been discussed quite a bit before. The “Readers Digest Condensed Version” is that most of the listings are ‘stale’ and it’s not worth the $$$.


Thanks for that reply Keith.

Do you have an opinion about

If you were to ever subscribe to an online listing service, which would that be?

I hope you don’t mind my asking.

Thanks in advance. is often out of date when I’ve looked at it.

Searches like this are not in my business model. I use some and some local Realtor websites for searches along with the HUD and VA websites. I don’t pay for information, especially OLD, STALE, OUTDATED information…


Thanks for your replies Keith and David.

I go to a foreclosure site that gives the name and county only. I then search for it through my local appraisers web site and voila! there’s all the info. I then go to the public records site and read all about the woes that have befallen them. Unfortunatly I don’t know what to do after that :cry: