Is Realty Trac any good?

I just signed up for the free trial and I wanted to know if anyone else uses it? I wanted to gain access to pre-foreclosure listings and get email notifications of new properties. I think it also has some tool that calculates equity, but I have not toyed around with it yet? Is anyone else using this tool? If not, what are you using to help you find deals for wholesaling?

It really depends on where you are. Some parts of the country it’s accurate, some it’s not that great. It also depends on what part of the foreclosure process you’re looking for. Here in Charlotte it’s accurate in the first 2 phases, beyond that it’s all stale.

Take advantage of the trial and research as much as you can to find out if it’s accurate for you area before committing.

Use the search function on this forum to see what the opinions of realty trac are here.

It sucks. If you need to know more follow Lori’s advice and use the search function.

The good news is that you didn’t over-pay, Jeremy…that bad news is that you paid exactly what it’s worth!


I will have to do a search. I was reading in my book you can get the same info for free from title companies, the courthouse, etc…

Yes there are other ways to get the information like you said, from title companies, etc. However, it is a good tool to have to aid in your search.

Yeah, but only for free…it’s not worth a crap if you have to pay for it!


Good tool to search for what? Old stale data?

Be forewarned about RealtyTrac: I did the free trial membership, cancelled it before any payment was due, and now they are calling my business phone almost every day. They never leave a message but I looked up the phone number to see who was calling me so frequently. Very annoying business practice.